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Shocktech Lower Tube Internals Kit

Shocktech Lower Tube Internals Kit

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The Phat Hammer incorporates a 2-piece body design, a stainless steel front for durability and a brass body for extra weight to hit the exhaust valve harder, allowing you to run at lower pressures. The Phat Hammer also includes a 1/4x28 hardened lug w/ nylon set screw to keep it from slipping. We have now added a relief cut in the bottom of the hammer in case you grab a rear grip frame screw thats a bit to long.

Its back and just as good as it always was. The original low pressure valve. The Rat Valve allows incredible air flow consistency. You'll see tighter groupings on the field and at the chrono. Over the years dozens of valves have come up and gone but no one has put out a better one, So..... If it ain't broke....

The Shocktech SS IVG is made to fit all threaded body cockers with the original valve style.

The Shocktech Cocking Rod is made with an adjustable knob broached for use with a 3/16ths allen key to help in precision timing. The rod can be locked in with the same allen wrench you use to adjust your velocity so it doesn't back out while you play. A very simple yet effective design.

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